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Losing weight by following the simple method of consuming less & burning more isn’t much simple as it looks like, especially for food lovers. That’s the reason why people always looking for an alternative solution to lose their weight, instead of maintaining a diet or doing extra workouts. Hokuto Patches are one of those amazing solutions for those who are in search of an easy way. The natural ingredients of the amazing patches can boost your fat-melting process & make you slimmer than before within a few days.

How do Hokuto Patches work?

The amazing formula was the invention of a Japanese doctor and his team-mates. They made this patch from Japanese mint (Shiso), organic phytoncides, essential oils, and minerals, In combined they have the ability to breakdown your fat cells and increase your basal metabolism rate (BMR). These ingredients also have the ability to improve blood circulation all over the body and eliminate toxins from the blood through sweat and urine. The patches block the absorption of sugar and starch into the blood which helps to make you slimmer.

Are They Safe?

According to JASSO and NCBI, the patches are completely free from any chemical ingredients and 100% safe for external uses. The medical team along with the quality control team tests patches from production to ensure quality.

How to use these patches to get the best result?

Always clean and dry skin before the application. Apply the patches on the area where fat develops like belly or abdominal area. Keep them for 6-8 hours and use only one each day. Take a healthy diet and do some exercise while boosting the ability of the patches. Use at least 20-30 days for a visible result.

Package Includes: 50 patches per packet


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